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W. H. Auden once said: "Poems are not finished; they are abandoned." I have been abandoning writing projects for many years, since only the pressure of deadline and high expectations ever got me to finish, or even start, anything of merit. This blog is an attempt to create a more consistent, self-directed writing habit. Hopefully a direction and voice will emerge.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bearer of Bad Tidings, Part II

Well, we thought we were being so enlightened and generous, telling that woman that she was nuts to be marketing her book. But after Janet talked with her on the phone, I remembered a powerful lesson: you don't necessarily need a good product in order to hustle sales. The woman had already lined up bunches of book signings at big-box bookstores, and even hit upon some less rule-conscious LLL chapters to let her come to the meeting to plug her book.

My opinion of her book has not changed. It still sucks. The artwork is still bad and the story (if you could call it that) completely unremarkable. But I have a much higher regard for her.


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